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 Our Team

Dr. Meghann Jarchow

Department of Sustainability & Environment

Chair and Associate Professor


Dr. Jarchow's training is in sustainability and plant ecology. Her interests include sustainability, sustainable agriculture, tallgrass prairies, and plant ecology. She is currently teaching Sustainability & Society, Sustainability & Science, and the Sustainability Capstone. Her research interests include sustainability pedagogy in addition to prairie plant ecology. In terms of prairies, Dr. Jarchow is interested in how prairies can be reincorporated into agriculturally dominated landscapes, including using prairie biomass as a bioenergy feedstock.


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Contact Information

Office Location

Akeley-Lawrence Science Center 201E

414 E. Clark St.

Vermillion, SD  57069

Office Phone

(605) 677-6122



Andy Baltensperger

Postdoctoral Researcher (in collaboration with David Swanson)


(More information pending)

E-mail:     Unknown

Jacinda Maassen

Graduate Student


(More information pending)

E-mail:     Unknown

Morgan Carnes

Graduate Student


Morgan is a research assistant pursuing a PhD in sustainability. Her research focuses on collecting data on social values regarding land use and ecosystem services in the Upper Missouri River Basin (UMRB). This data will be mapped using ArcGIS software called SolVES or Social Values for Ecosystem Services to determine social values typologies in areas throughout the UMRB which experience high levels of land use change.

E-mail:     morgan.carnes@coyotes.usd.edu

Rina Thapa

Graduate Student


(More information pending)

E-mail:     Unknown

Tanner Hall

Graduate Student


Tanner is a junior sustainability major. He is conducting research on the COmparing Managed Prairie Systems (COMPS) experiment. Tanner’s independent research project is measuring whether there are differences in aboveground and belowground growth in prairie plants when grown with conspecifics or with species in other functional groups. He is also assisting with the COMPS field experiment.

E-mail:     Tanner.Hall@coyotes.usd.edu

Andy Sechrist

Graduate Student


(More information pending)

E-mail:     Unknown

Jade Muller-Smit

Undergraduate Student


(More information pending)

E-mail:     Unknown

Lab Alumni

Alice Millikin

M.S.; Completed in 2014

Current PhD student at West Virginia University in the Wildlife and Fisheries Resources Program.

Abby Davis

M.S.; Completed in 2015

Elena Tsakakis

B.S. Biology (Sustainability Minor); Completed in 2016

Honors Thesis

Emily Roberson

B.A. Sustainability and Anthropology; Completed in 2016

U. Discover Scholar & Honors Thesis

Shelby Huber

B.A. Media and Journalism (Entrepreneurial Studies Minor); Completed in 2016

Sustainability Program Technology Fellow

Maggie Squyer

B.S. Biology and Sustainability (Political Science Minor); Completed in 2018

U. Discover Scholar

Alexa Kruse

B.S. Biology and Sustainability; Completed in 2018

U. Discover Scholar & Honors Thesis

Erin Wetzstein

B.S. Sustainability (Biology and Chemistry Minors)        Completed in 2018

Undergraduate Research

Katie Bollinger

B.S. Biology      Completed in 2017

Sustainability Program Technology Fellow & Honors Thesis

Support Staff

Robert (Bob) Garner

Laboratory Storekeeper, Department of Biology

Cathy Ganschow

Senior Secretary, Department of Biology

Andrea Rygaard

Secretary, Department of Biology