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Examining Inclusive Excellence in STEM Fields at USD

Tanner Hall is currently working on examining and improving "Inclusive Excellence" (IE) at the University of South Dakota (USD). The scope of analysis is mainly within STEM fields but should apply to the university as a whole.


The manuscript will examine differences in perception of IE policies and their implementation in STEM. This includes how the administration views IE, and further, how they use those views/perceptions to create policies which are then interpreted and implemented by faculty. How the student population perceives IE policies, implementation, and their effectiveness will also be assessed.


Tanner is examining the role IE plays in the experience of people who interface with the University. By finding areas where IE policies are lacking, or not achieving their desired/full impact, he hopes to distinguish areas relating to IE that might be improved. 

This research is ongoing. Please contact Tanner Hall (contact information can be found on the Team page) for more information. 

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