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InTeGrate Module Development


John Ritter, Wittenberg University, Ed Barbanell, University of Utah, and Meghann Jarchow developed a course module as part of the InTeGrate project. The title of the module is “An Ecosystem Services Approach to Water Resources.”

In this three-week module, students will investigate the ecosystem services associated with local land use and its relation to water. Students will be introduced to ecosystem services as a way of integrating the components of the hydrologic cycle as a system, synthesizing the interaction between the hydrosphere, geosphere, and biosphere, and linking those processes to the needs and aspirations of particular communities in particular places. Rezoning, annexation, and land-use changes are some of the most common issues that come before local governing bodies; many of these changes involve natural areas and green spaces becoming industrial, commercial, or residential developments. By the end of the module, students will be equipped to actively engage in the public dialogues that are typically part of the process, from understanding and analyzing a problem to presenting reasonable solutions from particular stakeholders' perspectives.

The complete module is available on the InTeGrate website.

InTeGrate Module Development background
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