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Greening Vermillion


Greening Vermillion as an organizational reality was born from the planning, events, and successes of the first Vermillion Earth Days in 2014. 


The nonprofit works to make Vermillion, “the Greenest Town in South Dakota.” They hope that, in time, Greening will become a reason for people to both visit and make their homes in the area, and Vermillion will become a model for greening all of South Dakota—one that supports the health of its people, environment, and economy through sustainable, enlightened, and creative practices.


Greening Vermillion helps the Vermillion area grow through projects that bring people together to conserve natural resources. Another goal of the nonprofit is to unite the “two Vermillions,” bringing USD and the community surrounding it together to more fully cooperate through community partnerships and joint planning with city and county officials.

Learn more about Greening Vermillion on their website,

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