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Ecosun Prairie Farms

From 2007-2015, EcoSun Prairie Farms rented a square-mile section of South Dakota farmland near Brookings and re-established and farmed diverse mixtures of perennial grassland, the native vegetation of the region. The objectives were to demonstrate how to make a sustained and earned living from products produce d on restored grassland while protecting and enhancing the natural environment. In doing so, the project expanded the tallgrass prairie, one of the hemisphere’s most endangered ecosystems. For more information on this phase of EcoSun Prairie Farms, visit here.


Meghann Jarchow joined the EcoSun Prairie Farm Board of Directors in 2019. EcoSun Prairie Farms is continuing to explore ways to educate the public about reincorporating grassland into the Western Corn Belt. More information about their current efforts will be coming soon.

Before Sept 2015 mowing.jpg
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